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Photo Gallery of Amateur & Pro Fighters, Seminars, Students, & Friends

Alex Wilkie's Mixed Marital Arts Academy is proud to have had the privilege to host, train with, and learn from some of the top names in the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), No Holds Barred (NHB) , and UFC Fighting.

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      2016 Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame

2016 Hall of Honors

2015 Best of Bridgewater Award

Nick Magos Cancer Callout Recognition Award

Nick Magos Cancer Callout

U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Caracci

13th Annual Antiterrorism Symposium

Alex Wilkie's Martial Arts Academy Tattoos

Hardcore Representation

Action Martial Arts Hall of Honor 2015

Action Martial Arts Hall of Honor 2015

Systema Training for New Recruits

Giving back

CQB Training with Master Chief Dennis Chalker

CQB Training

Action Martial Arts Magazine's 2014 Hall of Honors

Action Martial Arts Hall of Honor 2014

2014 Best of Bridgewater Award in the Mixed Martial Arts Instruction category.

2014 Best of Bridgewater Award

Mykel Hawke - Lost Survivors

Lost Survivors

Dale Comstock - American Badass

American Badass

Lieutenant Colonel Robert K. Brown

Soldiers of Fortune

Royler & Royce Gracie

Royler & Royce Gracie

C.J. Caracci - SEAL Team Six

Don't try this at home!

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Serious Monkey Business

Sergeant Major Kyle E. Lamb - Delta Force

Viking Warriors

Systema Knife Defense Seminar - 1/26/14

Systema Knife Defense Seminar

Cold Weather Shooting

Cold Weather Shooting

Action Martial Arts Hall of Honor 2013

Action Martial Arts Hall of Honor 2013

2013 Best of Bridgewater Award in the Mixed Martial Arts Instruction category

2013 Best of Bridgewater Award

Seal Team Six member, Denny 'Snake' Chalker

Training with the best!

Yankee Stadium

Damn Yankees!

Warrior Tattoo

Pride & Dedication

Father Duffy Square in Times Square

Bless me, father...

USS Midway Museum, San Diego, California

USS Midway

Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE)

For Excellence in Service

Hite Foundation Award of Excellence for Outstanding Martial Arts Instruction

Excellence in Martial Arts Instruction

Systema, Russian Martial Art, Instructor Danill Ryabko

Daniil Ryabko

Systema Seminar with Danill Ryabko

Systema Seminar - 4/28/13

Navy SEAL Commander Richard 'Rogue Warrior' Marcinko

Rogue Warrior

U.S. Marine Corp Recruits

Semper Fidelis

Somerset County SWAT Recognition Award

Somerset County SWAT Recognition - 12/14/12

2012 Wilkie's Martial Arts Holiday Greeting

Happy Holidays!

Navy Seal Challenge - 9/29/12


Alex Wilkie's Martial Arts - Best of Bridgewater!

2012 Best of Bridgewater Award

I'll make the ice!

H&K Full Auto Grenade Launcher

When close counts...

2011 Best of Bridgewater Award

2011 Best of Bridgewater Award

International Association of Martial Arts Award

For outstanding training of civilians, defense personnel, and professional cage fighters...

MMA lifetime achievement award

MMA Lifetime Achievement Award

50 Caliber Machine Gun

Now we're getting serious!

Elvis Presley's home - Graceland Mansion

There's a new king in town!

NHRA Christmas Tree - Raceway Park - Englishtown, NJ

The fast and the furious

2011 WNBF Pro American and INBF Northeast Classic

2011 WNBF Pro American &
 INBF Northeast Classic

Dennis Snake Chalker - Seal Team Six

Dennis Snake Chalker

Alex Wilkie photo op with asian tourists.

Al, we forgot to tell you...

Training with Somerset County SWAT and Navy Seal Veteran Denny Chalker

Ready for action

Alex Wilkie - First Rifle

Some things never change!


Smooth to the right,

Ready to fight!


Mohawk vs. Mo' Pain

Gil Hibben

Supplier of edged weapons
to Rambo & the Klingons!

Soldier of Fortune

Soldier of Fortune Magazine

National Guard

National Guard Training

IAMA Martial Arts Viking of the Year

2010 Martial Arts Viking
of the Year

M4 & H&K Assault Rifles

Dueling Autos

Colonel Rex Applegate

Kill or Get Killed

Paying tribute to Michael
Echanis and the U.S. Military

Lethal Weapon
(And a sawed-off shotgun)

Forrest Griffin

Don Frye

Got firepower?

Little Warriors

Full auto!

Watching over Lady Liberty

Brock Lesnar

Into the abyss with
Wilkie's Warriors.

Road Rage?

Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson

Comparing "guns" with Quinton "Rampage" Jackson

Best of Bridgewater 2009!

Atlantic City Invasion

BJJ Seminar with
Renato Migliaccio

Richard Marcinko, Seal Team 6

Richard Marcinko

Retired Commander

Seal Team 6 / Red Cell

I call shotgun!


Frank Mir

Wilkie Warriors
Raritan Center

The Farm Team

Enter the Dragon

It's never too early to
start training!

The Three Amigas


Wilkie's MMA, Joe Apocalypse, and Defiance Fight Gear... Perfect Together!

There's no such thing as an alcoholic, just a good customer.

Royce Gracie - BJJ Seminar - Puerto Rico

Royce Gracie Seminar - Puerto Rico

Say hello to my little friend

Armed & Defiant

Getting ready to throw down...


Costa Rica

UFC 111

Easy Rider

Even Batman trains here!


High Risk Transport Seminar

The webmaster gets a little seaman on him.

The Webmaster hanging with the big boys.

Born to be wild

Family Reunion?

Holy MMA, Batman!

Photo Ops


Randy 'The Natural' Coutour

Randy Couture
May 2006 Seminar

Renato Migliaccio

A'd like tae veesit Scotland ae day.

Did you practice your katas today?

The Axe Murderer

Apocalypse wins the USKBA/BCX Heavyweight Title - 7/12/08

April 2008 NAGA World Championship

Big Belt

Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell

Rear Naked Choke

Rear Naked Choke

Matt Hughes

Matt Hughes fends off Alex using the butterfly guard.

Tito Ortiz

Tito Ortiz demonstrates a move at a 2005 seminar.

Ugly Knuckles 

Rickson Gracie - Brazilian Ju Jitsu

Training with Rickson Gracie

Boxing Lessons

Eye of the Tiger

Chuck 'The Iceman' Liddell

Alex, Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell, and instructor Barry Griefer after a recent seminar at the academy.

Royler Gracie & David Adiv

Left to right: Alex Wilkie, Royler Gracie, Bill Bird, David Adiv.

Rich 'Ace' Franklin

Rich "Ace" Franklin meets "The Webmaster"

Paul Vunak

Paul Vunak & Alex

Dan 'The Beast' Severn

Alex and Dan "The Beast" Severn take a timeout from a video shoot.

Shootfighting Champ Bart Vale

Shoot fighting Champ Bart Vale & Alex Wilkie

Vladmir Vasiliev

Vladimir Vasiliev, Systema instructor, counters a knife attack.

Danny 'The Snake' Chalker, Seal Team 6

Denny "The Snake" Chalker

Ret. Command Master Chief

Seal Team 6 / Red Cell

Al Wilkie with flamethrower

When Al Wilkie has a barbecue, the charcoals light the first time, every time!

C.J. Caracci, Navy SEAL Tactical Trainer & Fitness Expert

Alex roughing up C.J. Caracci

Navy SEAL Tactical Trainer & Fitness Expert, Seal Team 6 / Red Cell

Kevin 'The Monster' Randleman & Mark 'The Hammer' Coleman

Alex Wilkie, Kevin "The Monster" Randleman, Mark "The Hammer" Coleman, and Barry Griefer partying in Las Vegas.

Ninjutsu Expert Robert Bussey

Ninjutsu Expert Robert Bussey & Alex Wilkie

Train Like Your Life Depends On It!

Train Like Your Life Depends On It!

Frank Shamrock

Alex Wilkie & submission fighter Frank Shamrock.

'The King of the Streets' Marco Ruas

Alex Wilkie & "The King of the Streets" Marco Ruas

Adam, Big Al Wilkie, and The Webmaster sporting 12-gauge shotguns

Weapons & Tactics Seminar - 7/21/07


Defense against multiple attackers

Alex demonstrates an effective method of dealing with multiple attackers.

Joe 'Apocalypse' Abouata

Gladiator Challenge/King Of The Cage Heavyweight, Joe "Apocalypse" Abouata

Wilkie's Martial Arts Tattoo

Most guys just buy a T-Shirt...

Rich Cahill - Immortal Ink

Rich Cahill - Immortal Ink

Denny 'The Snake' Chalker - Seal Team 6 / Red Cell

Combat Training

Led by Retired Seal Team 6 Master Chief

Denny "The Snake" Chalker

Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace

Angelo & Bill "Superfoot" Wallace

Mike Forte

Standing Victorious!

Denny 'The Snake' Chalker - Seal Team 6 / Red Cell

Combat Training - Weapon Disarm

Led by Retired Seal Team 6 Master Chief

Denny "The Snake" Chalker

Devil's Tower

Bad company, And I won't deny.
Bad Bad company, Till the day I die.

Immortal Ink

Is there anything this guy can't do?!

Shihan Gary Alexander

Shihan Gary Alexander during a visit to Alex Wilkie's Martial Arts Academy.

Don 'The Dragon' Wilson

WKO World Kickboxing Champion Don "The Dragon" Wilson

Combat Shooting

Combat shooting

Matt Welch, Big Al, Mr. Plywood

In the beginning...

Big Al when he was just Al

The first of many dummies Al has had to hit in his life.

Wyoming State Troopers

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?


Rappelling during an outdoor seminar.

HK-MP5 Submachine Gun

Heckler & Koch MP5

United States Army Helicopter

Death from above.


You can go a long way with a smile...

Stephen K. Hayes

Ninjutsu Master

Stephen K. Hayes

Demolition Derby

It's not always about smashing heads...

Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) Training

The ICE Man

Parachute Jump

Big Al Parachuting

Dragon Exhaust


Big Al in Norway

The Norwegian remake of Rocky?

M4 Carbine Assault Rifle

M4 Carbine Assault Rifle

Bike Week 2006

Bike Week 2006 - Daytona Beach

Phil 'The Machine' Mazzurco

Welcome to the Machine

Tank Abbott

Tank Abbott

Flying Sidekick

Yes, he can fly too!

1st Place - Full Contact Stick Fighting!

1st Place!

Phil Mazzurco, Champion: NO-GI Men's Masters Expert Cruiser Weight

2007 NAGC No-Gi Champion

Chris Jaeger executes a guillotine

Off with his head!

Rumble in Rahway Fight Team

Rumble in Rahway (9/15/07)

Matt 'The Hammer' Hamill

It's Hammer Time!

12/15/07 Shooting Seminar

Locked & Loaded

Guy Velella's Bike

Four wheels move the body.
Two wheels move the soul.

Guy Velella

Guy Velella

Christmas 2007

Train hard, party hard.

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