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An interesting collection of mixed martial arts (MMA), self-defense, and reality-based fighting videos.


Tactical Shooting Session - Highlights from a tactical shooting session set to the latest release from the up and coming heavy metal band Division 1.1... Crush It!


Concealed Sleeve Gun - Big Al demonstrates concealed knife and pistol deployment mechanisms.

Attacked by a Chimpanzee - You've  heard stories on the news of people being attacked by chimps; it always ends poorly for the human.
Big Al's motto is "Train like your life depends on it" and this was definitely one time it did!

Knife attack from backseat - Watch this video if you think there are no options for this nightmare scenario.


Headlock with gun pointed to head - A possible response to a seemingly no-win situation. With training and practice, there is always a potential defense to any close quarters attack.

Gun Disarm - Alex Wilkie reacts quickly to disarm and counterattack an assailant who has pressed a gun into the back of his head.

Smash The Apple From My Hand, Grasshopper! - Stickman attempts a full speed Nunchaku strike on an apple held in Alex's outstretched hand.

Knife Defense - An attacker approaches from behind and threatens with a knife... What do you do? Alex Wilkie demonstrates a simple, but very effective, technique.

Shocking Video! - How effective are consumer stun guns? We found out by allowing the lovely Marta to zap Dave & Sion with 120,000 volt and 800,000 volt stun guns.

Shocking Video II - Sion stood up to the stun guns in our last video; let's see how well he does when we take the "non-lethal" force up a notch!


Less than Lethal Force - We tested the effect of "Less than lethal" bean bag shotgun rounds and rubber bullets.

Pepper Spray - At Wilkie's Martial Arts Academy, sometimes the real training begins after class. You might think that Lou must be crazy to volunteer for this demo but listen to the comments from the rest of the crew... they're all nuts!



Kali Striking & Trapping Drills - Video demonstration of Kali drills designed to increase the reflexive speed of blocks, traps, and counterattacks.

Kali Blocking, Trapping, & Striking - Alex demonstrates a variety of blocks, traps, and counterstrikes in response to a straight punch.

Knife Disarm Techniques - As part of a self-defense seminar sponsored  by Alex Wilkie's Martial Arts Academy, Big Al demonstrated a number of knife disarm and knife defense techniques.

Reality Based Fighting Seminar - When you're in the doghouse at an Alex Wilkie seminar, you are literally in the doghouse! In this video, the team executes a flawless takedown and capture scenario on an unsuspecting "volunteer".

Rebel Race for Allie - Wilkie's Warriors participating in a Rebel Race, a tough mudder style obstacle course, to support Alex's granddaughter Allie and the Hope for Allie Foundation.

Nunchaku Demonstration - Stickman demonstrates his expertise with this double nunchaku kata.

3-Section Staff - The 3-Section Staff is arguably the most difficult martial arts weapon to master. Stickman shows that he was given that nickname for a good reason!


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